Comparison of hoverboard Top of line Models

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November 2, 2021
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November 2, 2021

Comparison of hoverboard Top of line Models

Once we find out more about what a UK hoverboard is besides how it works. Below we present a few of the models currently available on the market. This way we can see the differences between these models. Which will help you better understand the different types of hoverboards. Those are currently available. Or, you can find one that you like.

Hiboy TW01-0006

Let’s start with this model, which belongs to one of the most popular and regarded brands in this segment. This is a 6.5-inch hoverboard which is the smallest and most common on the market. These are durable wheels that grip well on the asphalt and prevent slipping. Which gives the device more safety. We find two 250W motors on each wheel.

This hoverboard has a top speed of 12 km / h and a range of 20 km. The first charge should do overnight, about eight hours. but after this is done, each time it is discharged, usually, 2-3 hours is enough to charge it. The max weight it can support is 100kg, which is something we have to consider when we or someone else is about to load it.

We have LED headlights on the front. That allows you to see the hoverboard at night or in poor visibility conditions such as fog. It is also necessary to mention the presence of some rubber bumpers. That will cushion possible impacts, preventing damage to the hoverboard. A quality model that thanks to its size, is ideal for the whole family. Especially children because it is easier and easier to handle. Click for Collections.

SmartGyro X2 White

Another of the most famous brands in the hoverboard segment. A model that is one of the best sellers and has the best ratings from consumers and experts. Like the previous device, it has 6.5-inch disks. These are wheels. That is distinguished by their resistance and excellent grip on the asphalt. Which ensures safe driving with it at any time.


The speed we can reach with this hoverboard is between 10 and 12 km / h, depending on the situation. This is the usual speed for this type of goods, which allows us to move around the city quite. It has a 4,000 mAh battery, which provides a range of up to 20 kilometers. Charging usually takes about three hours. Also, we can always track its status, Since there is a battery indicator on the hoverboard & Segway and the kart bundle itself.


The max weight that this model can support is 120 kg, which we must always keep in mind. It has LED front headlights that will allow us to see it in all situations. In this particular hoverboard, we have to highlight the presence of Bluetooth. … This will allow us to sync it with our smartphone and be able to play music on the hoverboard thanks to its speakers. One of the best hoverboards currently available in the store.

Hiboy TW01S-UL

The third model we present to you belongs to the same brand as the first one on the list. One of the most famous brands in the hoverboard market. Once again, this is a hoverboard with 6.5-inch wheels. This means that it is smaller, which means that it can also be operated by children. Who will have no problem handling it?


The max speed that can achieve with its use is 12 km / h, which is higher than that of other models in the same range. While the autonomy is about 20 km. Charging usually takes about three hours. The battery will never run out because we have an indicator. Thanks to which it is very easy to check its status at any time. We have two 250W motors that help this device reach its max speed, they are located on its wheels.

The max weight this hoverboard can support is 100 kg. This is a simpler model, The simplest of the three, but worth considering, especially if it is for the little ones.

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