Certifications and Safety

Customer safety is our no 1 priority. All our products are stringently tested during the manufacturing process and then independently tested again in the UK by an independent test centre.

Hoverboards, Segways, Swegways Self balance scooters, E Scooters and E Bikes all use powerful long life Lithium Ion batteries. In order to make sure these batteries and all the other components are 100% safe and compliant they have to go through stringent testing.

Many other retailers claim they have UK certified products but in fact they are not tested independently in the UK and can be dangerous, especially if the charger and battery do not cut off once fully charged.

So don’t risk it, by purchasing a non UK compliant Hoverboard or Swegway board.

We ensure that every component our products adheres to UK Safety Standards. All products are tested independently by an approved leading UK test centre. The LG & Samsung batteries and chargers undergo further stringent tests to make 100% sure they comply with UK Safety Standards.

What are the main certifications I need to know about?

Once the tests have been completed the test centre will issue certifications to prove the safety of the products. Our products fully comply with the following standards:

CE – A UK and European wide standard to ensure product safety.

EMC – A UK and European standard to test the electronic components.

UL Charger – UL is the highest standard of charger and ensures auto cut off when the product is fully charged.

UK Plug and Fuse – The plugs used in the UK are different to the ones used in other countries. We ensure all our plugs are independently tested for safety and use.

Genuine Battery Cells – We ensure all our internal battery cells are sourced directly from authorised Samsung or LG supplier and are manufactured using the best and safest methods.
Our products undergo a whole range of tests to ensure safety and compliance to UK regulations.

If you have any questions you are welcome to call us on 03332 344665 or email us on [email protected] and one of team will answer all your questions.

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